Bournemouth Town Magazine features Les Clarke’s Debut Novel

Bournemouth Town Magazine features Les Clarke’s Debut Novel

Les Clarke has won the Geoffrey Whitworth three times for his plays. His debut novel ‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’ is out and was recently featured on the Bournemouth Town Magazine.

The author had a conversation with the magazine and while talking about his inspiration for the book, he said “The inspiration came when I was fishing and hooked a bag from the bottom of the lake. It was heavy and my thoughts and imaginations were running riot.”

A small-time crook, Kevin Doyle, makes money by some thievery and driving some unsavory people around. He doesn’t exactly have a great life, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

His life changes for the better - at least that is what he believes - when he comes across a dead body.

He goes fishing one day, after years, and makes the discovery.

It ends up being more than what he bargained for. He faces new dangers and ends up in a situation that he can’t get out of.

Les was part of rock bands at some point in time, worked as a policeman, train driver and has held many, many other professions during his life. Currently, he writes and directs plays.

This is his first novel, published by Austin Macauley.

Read the complete article and get to know all that the author had to say about his book.