The Brecon- Radnor Express features article about ‘Father & Sons’

The Brecon- Radnor Express features article about ‘Father & Sons’

The Brecon & Radnor Express has featured an article about John Peasedown’s latest book ‘Father& Sons’. The article says that the book is a humorous, light-hearted memoir revolving around the relationship between a father and his three young sons.

The book is about an ordinary man and his interactions with his three sons who are aged from eight years to seventeen. It is an important age for the kids so their father spends a lot of time with them and educates them about different things. They have adventures together and travel around the world on holidays.

The book is based on John’s personal experiences in bringing up his three young boys. The book includes different adventures of surfing, sailing, windsurfing and even Trainspotting which makes it a perfect holiday read.

The author of the book, John Peasedown started his career in writing after serving in the Royal Naby and Civil Services. He was always been very interested in the sea and this is what he has passed on to his boys.

John has traveled a lot along with his family and it is the reason that he lived in 26 different houses and meant his three boys lived in some exotic locations but often had to adjust to new circumstances.

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