British Book hosted book signing of Antonion Borges

British Book hosted book signing of Antonion Borges

A book signing event was held at British Book, Odessa, Ukraine for the author, ‘Antonion Borges’ book, ‘Annihilation of a Planet II’. The author met the audience at the event and distributed the signed copies of his book.

This is a book about saving the world from a bigger destruction and in order to do that we have to start with ourselves. Lawrence, a B12 Android, is weakening on a death note on Mars and Prof. Paul Lindsdale is trying to bring this extraordinary humanoid to earth but a successful yet unsettled mission leaves the hopes stranded.

Prof. Paul is hailed as a hero but the returned humanoid has other plans on his return. Upon the sudden disappearance of Lawrence, Prof. Paul comes up with a replica which was compromised by a cup of spilled coffee. The real Lawrence starts appearing in the war-torn countries.

This is the second version of the book that holds the sensitive relation man holds with the environment, technology, and individual faith.

The author, Antonio Borges graduated from Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Department of Harvard Medical School.  He works in the Ophthalmology and Pathology department.

His books are the testimonies for the fact that he is a real man of Renaissance.