‘Cardiff Times’ features Malcolm Lloyd Dubber’s ‘Return to Malta’

‘Cardiff Times’ features Malcolm Lloyd Dubber’s ‘Return to Malta’

The ‘Cardiff Times’ magazines featured the book, ‘Return to Malta’ which is written by Malcolm Lloyd Dubber. The magazine introduced the book as ‘Books to look out for in March’.

Return to Malta is a romantic novel that describes the story of a nurse, Hazel Almonde, who was working as a medic for the injured serviceman in Malta during the World War 2. There she meets an injured navy officer, Ewan Jones who was wounded in an attack of an Italian destroyer. Both of them are immediately attracted towards each other. Ewan was later on recruited in intelligence to work as an Italian naval officer who survived in an attack of Italian destroyer.

The nurse becomes his contact and helps him in carrying out his mission. Their relationship is tested at the moment when Hazel suffers an upsetting trial at the hands of Gestapo. They are separated but Hazel rejoins Ewan after she is tortured. Ewan upon his escape joins the company of Long Range Desert Group and upon their reunion they both return to Malta and are married but the War continues.

The author, Malcolm works as a consultant in dealing with emergency explosives and nuclear safety. He has written many novels which are based upon his personal experiences. He has also lectured at Cabinet Office’s Emergency Planning College, Easingwold and at many other International Conferences. He is an active member of Welsh Branch of Emergency Planning Society.

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