Cas Amato pens an Adventure filled Memoir

Cas Amato pens an Adventure filled Memoir

Cas Amato believes himself to be an ordinary but his book ‘Rags to Rags’ says otherwise. The book and its author made an appearance on Bromsgrove Standard. The article praised the Barnt Green man who has penned a quirky book.

When talking about his book, the author had this to say “I think readers will relate to it as I am not a famous man talking about adventures on a yacht, I am an ordinary bloke with a few stories to tell”.

The author belongs to an Italian family, but born and bred in England. He has been a lead guitarist in a band, a cleaner, a barman and has held many other jobs.

This memoir has a collection of stories that are told in a very funny way.

He never had luck on his side but in this he has been lucky. His book was published by Austin Macauley and everyone can read about his travels, the work he has done to keep a roof over his head and led an amazing life in between.

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