Chris Davies of ‘The Graduate Book’ & ‘The Student Book’ features a YouTube Video

Chris Davies of ‘The Graduate Book’ & ‘The Student Book’ features a YouTube Video

Author of, ‘The Graduate Book’ and ‘The Student Book’, Chris Davies has featured a YouTube Video in which he highlights the key aspects of both of his books and why they are good reads for the students, the parents and all other people in the education sector or job sector.

‘The Graduate Book’ is the first book that the author wrote. It discusses the problems and obstacles that are faced by fresh graduates in their professional lives. The author offers sincere advice for the people who are struggling in their jobs and education. From a real-life success story, it offers an insight into the life of those people who have passed through this stage and are now on the heights of success.

‘The Student Book’ is a guide for the students who are in universities and colleges and are preparing for their professional life. The author advises about the issues which the students need to handle before stepping into their professional life and the things they need to take care of before making their next move.

The author, Chris Davies is a graduate coach. He is the founder of the company, Graduate Coach which has kick-started the careers of more than 300 graduates since its creation. His organization is affiliated with many prestigious institutions which helps many students to find their favorite job.

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