C.J. Wacha was at Wonderzoo's Open Mic Night

C.J. Wacha was at Wonderzoo's Open Mic Night

C.J. Wacha, author of Wild Rats, was at an event 'The Word' at The China House, where she read an extract from her brilliant, but emotionally charged contemporary story of children surviving on the streets of Kampala, Uganda.

"[C.J. Wacha] read out an engaging extract from her first published novel Wild Rats, a novel set on the streets of Kampala, as seen through the eyes of a seven-year-old street urchin. Set in post Idi Amin’s Uganda, we met some memorable waifs along the way that eke out an existence through begging, pilfering, rifling shopkeeper’s dustbins or undertaking menial tasks. This is a heart-breaking tale of grinding relentless hunger and poverty but, also camaraderie, among some of the poorest children in the world living in a state of subsistence and who only live day-to-day and hand-to-mouth. If you are going to read only one novel this Summer, buy [C.J. Wacha]’s Wild Rats online and see the world from another side."

To see a full description of the whole evening, you can click here.


"The content of the book brought the reality of what children and people have to endure and do just to survive. The storyline is intense making me react emotionally." *****

"It left me suspended." *****

"Despite their dreadful predicaments it was uplifting to feel the warmth and friendship these young people felt for each other. Their survival depended on it and it was core of their stories." *****


Picture courtesy of the 'WonderZoo Featuring The Word and BlackBooks' Facebook page.