‘Claire’s Story’ gets book signing at the Flower Festival

‘Claire’s Story’ gets book signing at the Flower Festival

A book signing event was held at the Flower Festival in St Mary’s Church, Rye for Pamela D.Holloway’s ‘Claire’s Story’. The author signed a lot of books and talked to many people at the event.

The book’s story is about a woman, named Claire who after an unusual upbringing, decided to leave her home at Edinburgh and goes to Vancouver to visit an old school friend of hers.

Once she convinces her son to pretend his father is dead, she goes out in search of a job and wealthy husband. Which eventually she finds both but she also finds herself in the midst of deep troubles which might lead her to a prison sentence or even more.

Her life is threatened and she has no one to be believed. It is hard to find someone who may listen to her and dig her out of this deep hole.

The author, Pamella D.Holloway doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t write. Her expedition started when she used to write essays in the school which converted into short stories and so on.

She got married at the age of 20. Her concentrations now days mainly includes writing novels and she is looking forward to more publications. This is her second book while ‘A Different Kind of Life’ was her first.