Cleverly Written ‘If Only’ receives praise in review

Cleverly Written ‘If Only’ receives praise in review

“The author very cleverly tackles the subjects of religion, philosophy, and even touches homosexuality” says a reviewer about Alex Bogdanov’s ‘If Only’.

The review praises the style of writing and the subject matter that the author has tackled in the story.

The protagonist of the story is named Alex, a married father of one.

He has been having issues in his marriage. They both decide to get away but they both decide on the same holiday destination, unbeknown to each other.

Their friends come along with them to try and help them think of other things while on vacation.

The plans don’t go as they had hoped.

They bump in to each other while in Mallorca, their common destination, and the holiday that was supposed to take them away from their life, forces them to confront their past and future.

Struggles of real people are purposefully highlighted by the author.

Will the married couple make the right decision and lead themselves away from chaos?

Alex is currently a resident in the UK. He is originally from Latvia. He completed business college in his home country and moved to the UK to established his own business.

He got married 5 years ago and now lives with his wife and son in Wales.