Con Curtis, made an appearance at Waterstones Leeds

Con Curtis, made an appearance at Waterstones Leeds

The author of ‘Working at the End of the World: An Antarctic Diary’, Con Curtis, was at Waterstones Leeds for a book signing on December 8th 2017.

Mr. Curtis, also met with his fans, who were waiting eagerly to get their copies of the read.

The book details harsh realities of living and working at the edge of the world, in Antarctica. The author’s account is scary and funny at the same time. He paints a visual picture with his words, so readers can feel what he was feeling when he was at the end of the world.

He details the tough routines of spending time at the coldest place in the world, keeping your sanity and humor.

Curtis, is a photographer and a writer that has spent a lot of time in Antarctica. After he returned from the brutal cold of Antarctica, he worked for Family Services for some years. He worked with young offenders and families in crisis. He used his first-class degree in Youth Justice to help rehabilitate the youth in his community. And still tries to make his way to the mountains as much as he can.