D. M. Williams Interviewed by Kazi FM Radio

D. M. Williams Interviewed by Kazi FM Radio

Author of fantasy novel ‘Love in, Air In’ was featured on KAZI Book Review with Hopeton Hay on 11th March. D. M. Williams spoke about the story of the book and the way it explores connections between human souls.

In book the protagonist wakes up and immediately realizes that he is no longer in his own world. He believes that he has died and has moved to another dimension. He relives his memories and remembers everything very clearly.

Even the events that led to his death.

He tries to speak but finds that he is unable to do so.

Ulysses is his spirit guide in this dimension. He has to find his voice, because he has a fate in this post-life world. With the help of his guide he must find a way through it all.

A curious and introverted person, the author was born to young parents in 1984. She was fascinated by books from a young age. It all began with Robinson Crusoe, the first book she read, and was mystified by it.

She went on to get an education in English literature and education to become an English teacher.

All the while she continued her dream of writing. This is her first novel and she feels very passionately about it.

listen to her interview at : http://www.kazifm.org/