‘Dave and V’ Spotted in the Shelves of Dillons Bookstore

‘Dave and V’ Spotted in the Shelves of Dillons Bookstore

Vittoria Healey’s book ‘Dave and V’ was spotted in the shelves of Norwood, Adelaide. Dillons Bookstore featured the latest children’s book.

The book is about a teenage boy named as Dave and his V-neck t-shirt. Dave likes to play in a band and to travel around the world.

His V-neck shirt has a story of its own when Dave buys it from a store and enters himself in a lucky draw.

‘V’ the white V-neck t-shirt finds his new home and similarly starts learning to cope with the jealousy and bullying of other clothes. Laundry mix-ups and threats from domestic pets also turn out to be a real headache for the ‘V’.

But he has unique and amazing journeys ahead of him in which he has to accompany Dave which is full of fun and wonderful adventures.

Vittoria Healey migrated from Italy to Australia at the age of 3 and has also lived in Adelaide.

She has worked on multiple secretarial positions and since childhood, she has this utmost admiration for fairy tales and fantasies. Vittoria enjoys writing fantasy stories and this book is from one of her collection.