David and Suzanne reviews Seline Shenoy’s ‘Beauty Redefined’

David and Suzanne reviews Seline Shenoy’s ‘Beauty Redefined’

A review has been presented by David and Suzanne about a new book by Seline Shenoy, ‘Beauty Redefined’. The review has been called as, ‘How to feel authentically beautiful in today’s World’. The review says, ‘We are brought up being told that it is what is on the inside that matters. However, what is drilled into us out in the “real” world is completely the opposite. The world tells us we can’t be both old AND beautiful. We have to be young, skinny, and perky to be worth love and admiration.’

The author highlights this important taboo of our society which defines that how women should look like and what are the key aspects that define the beauty of women. She explains that nearly all of the women go through this painful process of adopting themselves according to the beauty standards set by the society and how this process should be changed.

She explains her personal experiences in the struggle of looking physically attractive and fit according to the standards but then she says that it is not what women are. Women should beautify their inner self without concentrating much on their outer looks and it is the beauty inside that matters the most.

The author, Seline Shenoy is the founder of The Dream Catcher which is a blog community that connects people from around the world to live their dream lives and to make a difference.

She is also a motivational speaker and a podcast host.

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