David Moodie of ‘Jemima’s Ghosts’ was at Broadwater Carnival for his book signing

David Moodie of ‘Jemima’s Ghosts’ was at Broadwater Carnival for his book signing

Author of the book ‘Jemima’s Ghosts’, David Moodie went to Broadwater Carnival, Broadwater, at Worthing for the book signing ceremony. The event was a success and the author had a good time there with his audience.

This is the story of a young girl, Jemima, when she visits her grandmother’s old home along with her boyfriend, Jake. There she is greeted with a spooky voice warning her of an approaching storm and a falling tree and following an encounter with a painting which convinces her that the house is haunted.

Jemima and Jack both now look for the clues to solve this mystery of unknown hunter and then there are magical tree people which itself is a mystery.

Meanwhile back in England, Jack’s brother goes missing and the police come for Jack to interview him. It is then Jemima’s stepmother Ciggie and her pet mouse, Malcolm which helps them to find that the answers to their curiosities lie within their own interwoven family.

The author, David Moodie was born in Jamaica. He was raised and educated there. Later on, he built a Glyndebourne Theatre in the countryside in Maryland there.

After leaving the island, his first professional job was as a puppeteer and writer for his Director, John Blundell and later on worked on many projects as well.

After experience in repertory, he created his own David’s Puppets and The Fairytale Theatre Company and toured the UK for 21 years performing at theatres.

He became 66 this year and lives quietly at Gull Cottage, focusing on his writing.