Dedication for J. T. Bryde book’s Beloved Character

Dedication for J. T. Bryde book’s Beloved Character

Sled Dog Gun: Aviemore Dreaming’ is a book based on author J. T. Bryde’s life as a Dogsled Racer. A character in his book was honored with a dedication on November 29, 2017.

Jim discovered his love for dogsledding early. Though, he gained experience of many different things before he got to it.

He was part of the Royal Navy at one point and after he left, he spent time travelling different continents. He eventually settled down as a landscape gardener but that was not his calling, as he learned soon enough.

When he bought his first husky is when he found his lifetime passion. He retired in 2012, not before collecting enough stories to create an enticing book.

The story takes the readers on the dogsled ride along with the author as he describes his passion and objectives for the sport.

His dream was to reach the pinnacle of dogsledding in Britain, to win the Aviemore race. It eluded him for but that only increase his thirst.

The book has the most relatable and unorthodox characters, Bryde’s beloved huskies. Together with his team of dogs and their leader Gun, Jim goes through every competition, struggles, tragedies and hurdles while he continues to seek his ultimate prize.

It was Gun that gave him the best chance.

Gun, the titular character of the book, passed away recently and he is being honored with a memorial.