A Destiny and War collide in ‘A British War Dance’

A Destiny and War collide in ‘A British War Dance’

Lee Willmore’s book 'A British War Dance' and his own personal story was the subject of an article published in the Wolverhampton Express and Star Newspaper.

The article dives deep into the story of Lee and how he was inspired to write this particular book.

“I wanted the book to be personal to me as much as possible, from names to locations” he said while speaking to the newspaper.

The protagonist in the story is James Ashfield. A young man from Birmingham who is drafted into the Army and sent to fight in World War II.

He survives the war but still bears the scars of that time in his mind.

Hopelessness takes over until he finds an opportunity that can change the direction of his life. His dream of dancing takes his away from his mental turmoil.

He also meets someone with whom he can see a future with but fate interferes.

His life is on the verge of collapsing and he doesn’t see a way to avoid it.

The young author has a deep interest in the war time era and dance. His favorite dance style is ballet.

Both of these interests are combined masterfully in the story, along with deep characters and an intriguing plot.

You can read the more information in the article by visit this link: https://www.expressandstar.com/entertainment/2018/03/02/new-book-joy-for-wednesbury-author/