Diabolic Shrimp features ‘The Time Travelling Clock’ by Derek Jee

Diabolic Shrimp features ‘The Time Travelling Clock’ by Derek Jee

Recently, Diabolic Shrimp highlighted Derek Jee’s book ‘The Time Travelling Clock’ in their monthly magazine. The book was presented with the headline ‘Monthly Highlighted Author’.

A wonderful children’s book, ‘The Time Travelling Clock’ revolves around the story of Lara and her brother Adam who love to visit their grandfather but their visit at this time is not the same as the previous ones. They both discover a clock, which is not some ordinary clock, but a time travelling clock.

Both of them have no idea about the adventures that they can experience with the help of this clock. A lot is in store for them because of the magical time travelling clock.

This is a very amazing and exciting book, which combines history and adventure and this is a very appealing read for children of all ages.

Derek Jee lives in France near the beautiful city of Paris. He is a father of two, who loves to read storybooks to his children.

Keeping his children’s interest in mind, Derek decided to write a storybook for them that is very engaging to read for kids.

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