Discover the Unseen London with Cyril O’Brien

Discover the Unseen London with Cyril O’Brien

Author of ‘A History of London through the Beer Goggles’ was invited to talk about his book by LBC radio. Cyril O’Brien spoke about the theme of his book and how the idea came about. Everything about the book is unique and entertaining in every way.

It depicts a London that most people have not seen. The information is given with oldest pubs of the city playing a central role.

When you start reading the book and you will begin to see that it is not like any other book that you have ever read. You will learn things about London that you never imagined. The history that isn’t told in most text books or shown on TV. Interesting facts about the city that even longtime residents don’t know.

Everyone who lives in the city, is visiting or moving there have to read this book. The hidden gems of information, along with the recommendations to get best drinks, is everything that you want in a book.

Cyril lives in London with his wife, he has 3 kids and 1 grandchild.  He is a retired firefighter and has lived all his life in the great city of London.

The book is a combination of everything he is passionate about; socializing, trivia and his beloved city.

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