Downtown Magazine features interview of Seline Shenoy

Downtown Magazine features interview of Seline Shenoy

The Downton Magazine has featured author interview of the book, ‘Beauty Redefined’. The author answered the questions about her book specifically the motivation behind writing such a book.

The book is about the beauty-obsessed culture, to which the women have become accustomed by using the standards that are set by the society and the media as a barometer to measure their own worth. The author is trying to present the solution for the fundamental changes that must take place in the media in order to truly redefine our obsession with the appearance.

The author defines that it is the inner beauty that matters the most and instead of focusing on our outer looks, we must beautify our belief system, ideologies and personal values.

They keep asking themselves, ‘Am I good enough?’, ‘Do I matter and will I be accepted for who I am?’ but it is now the time to change this perspective and redefine the beauty standards that defines for a woman to be beautiful.

The author urges its readers to raise their voice against this discrimination and try not to be a victim of this taboo.

Seline Shenoy is an author, a podcast host and an inspirational speaker on the topics of Self- development and confidence. She is also the founder of The Dream Catcher- a blog community that connects people and encourages people to pursue their dreams lives and make a difference.

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