Eddie Mann’s Ordinarily Unthinkable, book launch at Waterstones

Eddie Mann’s Ordinarily Unthinkable, book launch at Waterstones

Eddie Mann has been employed in the Public Sector all his working life living in Northampton. A keen biker, a charity rider and an unpaid groom for his wife's horse!

The book is the tale of ‘Grant', a man with a mysterious past who is on a journey to find inner peace. After the loss of his loved ones, Grant seeks revenge on those responsible for this abhorrent act. The book will make you laugh, it’ll make you grim and almost release a few tears. A book the reader can relate and believe in.

Signing his book after the book reading

Chatiing with the crowd

Ordinarily Unthinkable, is an extraordinarily fantastic thriller with many twists and turns. It will keep you captivated and the description of events are very realistic as if you’re living in the event. It will keep you hooked and you will find yourself thinking about it every now and then.

It’ll leave you wanting for more and will be impossible to put the book down. The story that makes you smile, make you winch and almost feel the pain of the characters. The novel seamlessly guides you from humour to sadness, kindness and also all out empathy for the lead character. Get ready to awaken your appetite for reading once again.

The book launch can only be described as a huge success. The large number showed up and left with signed books. Now, who doesn't love a book on revenge?