‘Edwin and the Climbing Boys’ gets a feature in Strong Words

‘Edwin and the Climbing Boys’ gets a feature in Strong Words

Benita Cullingford’s book ‘Edwin and the Climbing Boys’ gets a review in ‘Strong Words’ magazine. The article has described the book as a suitable read for those children who have reached their limit with talking animals and kid wizards and who might want to try something different.

This is the story of Edwin who witnessed his parent’s death in a fire at sea when he was a child. He was taken care of by his Uncle who sent him to a boarding school where he had this unexpected encounter with the climbing boys, Smudge and Jake that lead to an adventure beyond his wildest dreams and imaginations.

Edwards recalls his story when young Pete asks him about a bedtime story. He starts telling him one and sooner the kid goes to sleep. Edward realizes that his life himself is not less than a Fairy Tale.

It is a really intriguing and heartwarming story that gives us a fascinating insight into chimney sweeping in the London of the 18th century.

The author Benita Cullingford is from St. Albans. She has two married daughters and four grandchildren.

She is a former LAMDA teacher and a historian. She is the author of two books and Hon treasurer of Society of Women Writers and Journalists.

She also writes for stage and screen dramas.