Electric Press Magazine Featured the Book Think Like a Man by jD Shapiro

Electric Press Magazine Featured the Book Think Like a Man by jD Shapiro

The talented author jD Shapiro’s self-help book Think Like a Man was featured by the Electric Press Magazine. His book is for everyone including men, women, single, in a relationship, married and committed. Mainly aiming at women who find it hard to understand what their partner expects from them. The book has received some remarkable comments from famous personalities like Stan Lee and Mel Brooks. The book is now available to be ordered online, get your copy now by clicking here.

Think Like a Man is a guide that is a must-read for everyone. Aiming at women to make them understand the psyche of men. It will also help men in communicating their expectations, desires and wants. This book will assist ladies in comprehending the idea of love and life through the eyes of a man. Get yourself a copy of this amazing self-help book and make a difference in your life.

Very well known for scripting ‘Robin Hood Men in Tights’, the author jD Shapiro is a glowing name in Hollywood. Besides this book, he has done many screenplays for famous Hollywood studios like Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, New Line, Miramax, and Twentieth Century Fox. He has also worked as a creative consultant for many Hollywood blockbusters.

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