Engaging and Enlightening ‘Passant’ gets reviewed by Reid’s Reader

Engaging and Enlightening ‘Passant’ gets reviewed by Reid’s Reader

Reid’s Reader, a book review website, had this to say about ‘Passant: A Journey to Elsewhere’ – “this memoir works very well and has the ring of authenticity”. Alistair Paterson tells the story of his past with vibrant settings and authentic characters.

The plot revolves around a protagonist recounting his childhood and adolescent years. The boy grew up in a family that was torn apart in the time of the Great Depression and World War II.

His grandfather’s death, who died in a mental institute on, had a huge impact on the whole of his family.

He also falls ill at the age of nine and subsequently he undergoes surgery to and has to spend 2 years in the hospital.

The psychological elements in the story are palpable and it all grows out of secrets and concealed information. As a consequence of all of this, the lives of everyone are disrupted.

Alistair is a renowned poet, fiction writer and critic. He was made an officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for all that he has done for literature.

He spend some time in the navy and he was an inspector of technical institutes and community colleges as part of New Zealand Education Department.

Read the in-depth review of the book by visiting the link: http://reidsreader.blogspot.com/2018/02/alistairpetersonpassantajourneytoelsewheresomething-new.html