Eric George interviewed on 3MFM Radio

Eric George interviewed on 3MFM Radio

Author of ‘Ice Axe’ stopped by at the 3MFM radio station for an interview. Eric George appeared on the show Local Focus recently and talked about his book.

The protagonist of the story is Dan Markham. He is trying to start a new career as a climber.

He ends up working for an industrial investigator and creates his own investigation agency in Manchester.

He doesn’t have much going in terms of work, so he happily accepts any work that comes his way. He starts a job to search for a chemist, who Is lost in the French Alps. He also has a confidential formula with him.

The job gets him into more trouble that he bargained for.

He gets attacked but still manages to find the formula. He is then contacted by a secret agent and is recruited for a secret mission.

That is not all, his life remains in constant threat and he has to find a way to get himself out of the web of danger he is landed in.

The story is a whirlwind thriller that is full of surprising twists and turns.

Eric was a former building cost consultant and is now retired. He has spent time in three different continents in the world.

He is currently settled in Australia with his family and loves to write.

Listen to the recording of the interview at this link.