Essex TV features Fiona Bowman’s ‘Did I Wake You, Pet?’

Essex TV features Fiona Bowman’s ‘Did I Wake You, Pet?’

Fiona Bowman writes an emotional and moving story of a woman who goes through continuous physical assault for years from her husband. It’s a story of domestic violence where the author herself is the victim. She goes through extreme cruelty and her marital life is horrific and full of pain.

Victimised and abused systematically for years, she recounts the story of her journey of hope as she details her tale of escape. With the help of her friends and her employers, she was transferred to position 400 miles away, from her husband where she sees light, hope, a new start to her life. Where she decides that it’s time to look in the forward direction only.

Find out more about the autobiography as it can do wonders for women who are also victims of domestic violence and are suffering abusive behaviour. According to Fiona: “2 women a week die as the result of Domestic Abuse and we need to raise awareness. If I can change the life of one person then this will have been worthwhile.”

The author now leads an inspirational life as she is the Managing director of Dysart 57 Ltd. Also, she is serving as the Interim Head of Facilities at Saferplaces Domestic Abuse Charity in Essex.

Did I Wake You, Pet? is a complete account of all the emotional and torturous events that the author faced in ten years, which to her are the worst part of her life.

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