Evan Bloom Featured on the Latest Episode of The Jewish Views

Evan Bloom Featured on the Latest Episode of The Jewish Views

They Said I Was Misguided’ author Evan Bloom participated in a discussion about homosexuality on The Jewish Views Radio Station. In the most recent episode of the show, the international author was invited to speak about his book that deals with this issue head on.

The British author has first-hand experience of how the orthodox community treats homosexuals. The books narrates his history, how he was raised in a religious community and how he struggled to find an identity within the community.

His sexual orientation became a problem for him and the community that he lived in. Finding acceptance in a community of orthodox people was impossible for him.

The struggle if this young man strikes a chord with every reader. The loneliness is palpable in the words and the odds he faced from friends and family make it a heartbreaking story.

There is much to be learned from this autobiography.

Evan has spent almost all of his life in London. He has worked in the language industry and loves writing.

He currently lives in France with his partners. The book is very personal for him and he has shared his life’s story with the readers.

Listen to the whole recording of the conversation by visiting this linkwww.jewishviews.co.uk