Exeter TV98 Featured Niloufer Mavalvala on Their Cooking Show

Exeter TV98 Featured Niloufer Mavalvala on Their Cooking Show

Author of the book, ‘The Art of Parsi Cooking: Reviving an Ancient Cuisine’, Niloufer Mavalvala was recently featured on Exeter TV98 for a Cooking Show. Niloufer shared her expert opinions on the art of traditional cooking and its benefits. The writer displayed her cooking skills in the show. The TV Show will be aired on 17 public stations across the USA.

‘The Art of Parsi Cooking’ is a cooking and habit based book that explains the perks of Parsi (Persian) cooking. The cuisines stated inside are shaped by Persian and Indian Cookeries which are considerably easy to prepare and are delicious in taste.

‘Parsi’ cannot be relatively explained as Persian but they are Persian migrants who have been living in India for a long time. Their recipes are the mixture of Indian and Persian flavors. Each of the recipes dates back to its origin in the cultural and family context and many of them are classified as author’s own mother’s recipes. The book includes ancient cuisines with a touch of modern world cooking which is not less than a delight for people to cook their way through this book.

The author, Niloufer Mavalvala was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She was raised there and from her very childhood, she had great admiration for food combined with traveling the world. She taught her first cooking class at the age of 17 and then went to conduct more classes in Dubai, UK, and Canada later on. She likes to meet new people and share her experiences with them about food.


Watch the full episode by clicking here.