The Fantastic Patrick Church Appears in the Ipswich Star

The Fantastic Patrick Church Appears in the Ipswich Star

New author, Patrick Church, features in the Ipswich Star to discuss the release of his memoir: 'The Smallest Show on Earth'.

Below is an extract from the article:

Living legend Pat Church lives and breathes cinema and has done for more than 50 years. He started his professional life in a projection box in Peterborough, relishing the feel of 35mm film running through his fingers.

At the age of 17, he signed up to be an apprentice projectionist seeking to learn a mysterious, almost magical, art which allowed still pictures not only to move but also to talk. “I love the fact that until we went digital the basic process of showing a film was essentially the same. We had 24 slightly different still images running through a projector every second and yet on the screen those still shots suddenly moved and transported people to wonderfully colourful and exciting places.”

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(Photo credit: Ipswich Star)