‘Father, Unknown’ Featured on James Bay Beacon

‘Father, Unknown’ Featured on James Bay Beacon

Francois Mai and his book ‘Father, Unknown’ were the subjects of an article that appeared on the James Bay Beacon newspaper. The article talked about author’s history and accomplishment and how he has added to his already extensive resume by writing a novel.

Taking readers to the turbulent time of the French Revolution, the author takes a closer look at the life of a family that is struggling to survive in that time period.

The protagonist is the courageous woman named Marie-Anne.

She gives birth to a son, Marcel, without the husband being in the picture. She faces discrimination in her village but she bears it all.

Marcel grows up and tries to find out more about his father.

He embodies his mother’s strong spirit while he goes forth to discover the mysteries of his life.

Francois has been an athlete, a professor, a physician, a musician and now he is an author.

He has written many different books but this is his first work of fiction. He has written one more book titled ‘Diagnosing Genius: The Life and Death of Beethoven’, in which he investigates the medical issues that the great musician faced during his life.

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