‘Fiction Books’ Features Article about Jack Thompson’s ‘Spain, Guard My Bones’

‘Fiction Books’ Features Article about Jack Thompson’s ‘Spain, Guard My Bones’

The ‘Fiction Books’ has featured an article about Jack Thompson’s latest book, ‘Spain, Guard My Bones’. The article says that the book is a must-read for the people who are interested in the Civil War era in Spain as the book unfolds many mysteries around.

This book is about the systematic violence and brutality gave out of the Republican opponents during and after the Civil War which bears comparison with Hitler’s treatment of the Jews. The story has a protagonist, Charlie Barrow who is a journalist by profession and he visits Spain on a vacation but with the discovery of a mass grave of civil war victims in Castillo, he becomes intrigued to seek the answers for this mystery.

He is accompanied by a lawyer, Carlito and an archaeologist, Elena who help him in his investigation. Barrow in his inquisitiveness travels from country to city and then back again with a burden of questions on his mind. In his pursuit, he faces many dangers in the form of bullets, brutes and untrustworthy officials. Barrow knew that he has many more to lose and now he is left with no other option but to finish what he has started.

The author was born in northern England. He is 80 years old and has worked as a teacher, bus conductor, an industrial spy and as a pianist. He has also worked with the BBC and now lives in London.

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