Fiona Bowman Presents her book at the Chelmsford Library

Fiona Bowman Presents her book at the Chelmsford Library

A presentation on the extraordinary book ‘Did I Wake You, Pet?’ was given at the Chelmsford Library. The author Fiona Bowman was present at the event and discussed the topic of abuse and what it meant to be the main character of this book.

The book projects a light on the topic of female abuse and gives grueling details of what women endure in an abusive relationship.

The courage it takes to walk away from a relationship like that is astounding. The story also goes into the measure that abused victims have to take to escape their abusers.

Often having to uproot their lives and moving hundreds of miles away. Even then they are not safe. They have to change their names and outlook just to keep themselves safe.

Book resonates with abuse victims because of how deeply it is written. The painful intricacies can only come from a harrowing experience.

The authors endured a decade long abuse in her relationship before finally getting out of it with some help. She is an International Domestic Abuse Campaigner and is a very successful businesswoman now.

The book is her way to tell her truth and become a part of the conversation that is currently picking up momentum around the globe.