‘Five aa’ broadcasted live interview of Jim Hermel of ‘Twelve Tales of Terror’

‘Five aa’ broadcasted live interview of Jim Hermel of ‘Twelve Tales of Terror’

A radio interview of the author of the book, ‘Twelve Tales of Terror’ was featured by ‘Five aa Radio Station’. Mr Jim Hermel was asked about his book during the show and the motivation behind writing such a book.

This is the book based on twelve horror stories which are inspired by Jim’s curiosity about the world of supernatural and paranormal. The author, since his childhood days, would spend hours and hours reading about horror stories. After that it was when television was introduced to the city of Adelaide, he would not miss a single horror show.

He afterwards became a musician and travelled all across Australia. His travelling gave him plentiful ideas for the locations which he later on used in his stories.

These unique Australian Countrysides, cities, shops, houses and markets provide a unique backdrop for the characters. They also serve as a manacle for the events between normal to the supernatural.

The author, Jim Hermel was born in the city of Adelaide in the South of Australia.  He remained a musician for a long time and has written many books on the topics of History and Promotional Art such as Music.

He has always remained interested in writing fiction and his interest has led to publishing his first book in the scope of many years.

Listen to the full interview by clicking here.