FM Wycombe Sound Features Radio Interview of ‘Juliet Bates’

FM Wycombe Sound Features Radio Interview of ‘Juliet Bates’

A radio interview of Julien Bates, author of ‘The Cake Man’ was recently featured on FM Wycombe Sound. In the interview, the author answered different questions regarding the book and her motivation behind writing it.

This is a Children’s book which is about a Queen who wants to celebrate her birthday with a special party. But her party is not an ordinary birthday as the King has announced that there should be a competition to see who bakes a special cake. As a result, every day new cake's are presented in front of the queen but she is very cranky about them and doesn’t seem to like any of the cakes at all.

The king orders to look for a new cook who can bake a cake that the queen likes. It is just in time when a new cook arrives at the castle gates with a huge collection of unique cakes on his back. The cakes he has bought are not ordinary cakes, they have something magical about them which can change the things at the castle forever and they would never be the same again.

The author, Juliet Bates is an engineer by profession who has worked in the telecommunication industry for many years. She is retired now and lives in Buckinghamshire currently. She has six grandchildren for whom she likes to write books with illustrations.

Listen to the full interview by clicking here.