‘Freaks Like Me’ gets a book launch at Crosby Lakeside

‘Freaks Like Me’ gets a book launch at Crosby Lakeside

There was a book launch event for Georgina Peterson’s ‘Freaks Like Me’ at the Crosby Lakeside, Liverpool. The author was present at the occasion and she talked about his latest book and other upcoming projects.

This is a book about a typical teenage girl who has dreams of her own. She likes to study so that she can go to her desired college. Her life was normal and she used to have fun with her friends until she was diagnosed with a rare brain disease.

Her life turned upside down in an instant and it was never to be the same again.

This book is a touching memoir of the author about her illness and the way she coped with that situation. The mental health was followed by the prejudice that comes alongside it and it’s the true story of how one girl and her family accepted the fate that they had been dealt with.

Georgina ‘Georgie’ Peterson was born in Liverpool, UK. She got her early education there and graduated in Bachelor of Arts in English. She has a strong background in Performing Arts and has worked a lot with the children.

She was diagnosed with a rare brain disease in her teens although she considered herself lucky to be alive and to be surrounded by such great people.

Currently, she is working on her debut novel and she vows to continue educating people about mental health, disability and so on.