G. B. Gurland Visits East Hampton Library Children’s Book Fair

G. B. Gurland Visits East Hampton Library Children’s Book Fair

Author of the book, ‘The Secret Files of Phineas Foster’, G. B. Gurland was spotted at East Hampton Library Children’s Book Fair. The author attended the event in regard to promoting her book and she also signed many books at the event.

Her book is a story about a thirteen-year-old Gabriel Marx who struggled with about everything from school to relationships and to navigating between his divorced parents. He arrives in New York with his attorney father who was currently in the pursuit of solving a murder case of one of his clients and it is not long before Gabe finds himself in the midst of solving this intriguing case.

He is more determined than ever to prove himself to his dad by solving this case. He takes help of an eleven years old Alex and renowned but discredited Professor Phineas Foster in solving the mysterious case.

With a lot of twists and turns and apparent incidents, Gabriel gets to know about his family history and finds himself with disturbing choices. This is a story of courage and determination which leads to the truth and unpredictable future for many who seek to bring justice to the victims.

The author, G.B. Gurland has been associated with the profession of education for the past forty years and has extensive experience in working with school-age children, adolescents and young adults. She has recently turned to write children’s books and has edited and published several books.