Gaithersburg book festival features ‘Lalli’s Window’

Gaithersburg book festival features ‘Lalli’s Window’

The Author Kamakshi P.Murti was present at Gaithersburg book festival for her book feature. The event was attended by a large number of people including children. Kamakshi sold out a large number of her books and met a lot of new people.

The book’s story is about a little girl of eleven years old who recovers from an accident and now she sees the world from a very different perspective. She peeks through her bedroom window into the outside world and lives in her own world.

It is when she becomes curious about the strange reaction of her neighbors for a mysterious letter. She doesn’t understand the situation so does the wonderful Mr. Steave.

The book also features her soccer-mad brother, a cool home-schooling teacher and a Mennonite violinist. It is a fascinating story about a young South-Asian American girl who has an utmost desire for her family, honoring true friendship and so much care for her neighbors.

The author Kamakshi P.Murti is basically from India. She started writing mysteries after many decades of teaching.

She gets the inspiration for writing her stories from her background in cultural and gender studies and also from the younger members of her family who have perfected her skills as a writer.