G.B. Gurland attended East Hampton Children's Book Fair

G.B. Gurland attended East Hampton Children's Book Fair

Gail Gurland, the author of ‘The Secret Files of Phineas Foster’ attended the East Hampton Children’s Book Fair which was held at East Hampton Library. He went in the repute of his book promotion and talk.

This is a children’s book which has the main character, Gabriel Marx. He struggles in every matter of his life and that includes from school to relationships and to steering between his divorced parents.

He goes to New York one fine summer with his attorney father who is caught up in the mystery of the murder of one of his clients. Gabe finds himself in the middle of this conspiracy and wants to prove himself to his father by helping him out.

Gabe makes a friend of eleven years old, Alex and together they encounter different events to solve the case of this murder. The story has different twists and turns and a lot of coincidences that reveals the unknown family history and dreadful choices for Gab and then there is a Professor Phineas Foster.

Their quest for the truth raises many questions, will they be able to solve the case? Will the determination of the children lead them towards the truth? And will the crooks who want to damage Professor’s reputation will be brought to justice? For that, you have to find out in the book.

G.B. Gurland has been an educator for many years. Recently she has turned to write and has edited and published several books.