George Roberts in the Shropshire Star

George Roberts in the Shropshire Star

George Roberts, author of 'From Ten Down to Three', has been interviewed by the Shropshire Star.

George talks about how the book reflects his past experience of being diagnosed with a brain tumour aged only 14.

An extract of the article reads:

"It's aimed at young adults and teenager. I'm hoping that by reading this book it might help them understand that they're not the only ones going through hard times or to have gone through hard times. You can get through it and life is hard but with positive thinking, family, and that sort of thing, you can get good outcomes."

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In 1986, James collapses after a game of football at school. The cause is diagnosed as a tumour on the brain. Although treatment is successful, James will never be the footballer he was. The story of James continues on into his thirties as he falls in love, starts a family and becomes, in a modest way, a hero.

In 'From Ten Down to Three' George Roberts examines fate as events happen in James's life that leave him questioning whether things are meant to be or are simply coincidence. A phone call made in error lead to him finding love. A bang on the head reveals the presence of the tumour. Saving a young woman's life leads to an unexpected encounter.

'From Ten Down to Three' is a delightful read full of wit and a dash of tragedy.