Gillian Lock was at Waterstones for her book signing event

Gillian Lock was at Waterstones for her book signing event

Author of the book, ‘Vanished’, Gillian Alice Lock was at Waterstones, Chesham Bucks for the book signing event. The author had a lovely morning there and talked to the audience about the important aspects of her book.

This is a story about Andrea Baldwins who usually goes for a walk with her dog, Muffin. Their walk once turns out to be a life-changing event when both of them gets involved in a mysterious event. This takes them back into the time and she is taken to the 17th century where she meets Robert who is the victim of the same phenomena.

Andrea is although afraid and confused that she takes the situation into her own hands and eventually realizes that the life in the 17th century is far much better than that of the 21st century.

Gillian Alice Lock was born in Alexandra Palace Road, Muswell Hill, and London in 1958. She then moved to Buckinghamshire at the age of 4.

She completed her writing course back in the ‘90s and it is when she realized that she has this special talent for writing fictional stories and she started writing them as interest and not until some years later did she try.