GLAM Adelaide Features Review of Adele Morris’ ‘The Lost Soul’

GLAM Adelaide Features Review of Adele Morris’ ‘The Lost Soul’

The ‘GLAM ADELAIDE’ lifestyle magazine featured a review on Adele Morris’ book, ‘The Lost Soul’. The review says, ‘The Lost Soul is a study in contradictions. The author’s prose is wonderful, with her descriptions of Anona and the sea, giving the reader the sense they can smell the salt spray and feel the chill of a northern Atlantic storm.’

This is a story about Sondra Carstairs who is haunted by the memories of her father’s death and the sailing accident that killed him on the small Irish island of Anona. She finds it very difficult to live with her past and this drives her to leave Anona and live in the furthest place that she could find.

She returns to the island as a keeper after 22 years on an appeal from a lost soul. Anona is no longer a safe place for anyone and this includes Sondra as well. She learned what someone is prepared to do and wonders that if becoming a keeper is worth a shot that she avoided for so long.

But she has no other choice and now she steps up to become a savior for the dead and the living. Embracing the darkness within is Sondra’s only chance of surviving and she does it with pride.

Adele Morris; the author was born in Glasgow and grew up in South Australia. She has a degree in business management and this is her first novel up to the date.

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