Highlights of our Children’s Author Joan Whitehead’s Book Promotion Tour

Highlights of our Children’s Author Joan Whitehead’s Book Promotion Tour

Joan Whitehead, our wonderful children’s author, went on a book promotion tour recently. She presented her books to the libraries and arranged book signing events. She has written these two incredible books: The Four Seasons of Sammy Snail and Not Green.


The Four Seasons of Sammy Snail is the story of Sammy Snail, a small snail who has reserved an adventure for each of the four seasons. The second book, Not Green, narrates the story of Chip the frog. The frog falls into a tin of paint which changes his colour altogether. He is told that if he wants to regain his original colour, he has to do good deeds. Both the books are filled with fun and illustrations and teach the value of good deeds to children.


Joan Whitehead is an artist who was born and raised in a small village in England. She was interested in drawing and painting from an early age. She uses her passion for art and her writing skills to create beautiful stories for children. She currently resides in Western Australia where she runs her private art gallery. Following are some of the highlights from her tour:


1. This is when I presented a book to the Denmark Library.

2. This is the small display that the art shop did of my book.

3. This is the first book signing that I did in July.

4. Here I am presenting a book to the Albany library.

5. This is the piece that the Denmark Bulletin newspaper did.

6. Another book signing in August.