Hold The Front Page mentions ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’ in article

Hold The Front Page mentions ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’ in article

The website mentioned the name of John Phillpot’s latest book ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’ in their article. The author was a regular column writer for Worcester News however he discontinued his work to concentrate on the writing of this book. John said ‘Beef Cubes and Burdock’ is both a lament and a celebration of a vanished landscape, a lost way of life, and a depressingly vastly diminished bio-diversity.’

The book is based on the memoir of John when he was a child and used to live in the countryside. He thinks of the rural landscape has been changed vigorously over the past few decades. The elm – that celebrated ‘Warwickshire Weed’ of folklore has been lost to disease and the lush green landscapes have been converted to cities and motorways.

But he thinks that it is not all lost yet as the river still flows as it has done for ages and the rook’s parliament can still be seen overhead. The church bells still call to the faithful as it has been doing for the past thousand years.

The book takes us back to the time when the life was simple and elegant.

John was born in Churchover, Warwickshire. He was brought up there and became a trainee reporter in 1965 at the age of 16.

He has worked as a reporter, feature writer, chief sub-editor, letters editor, reviewer, and columnist. He is now semi-retired and lives in Worcester with his wife.

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