Humorous and Quirky ‘Rags to Rags’ featured on Bromsgrove Advertiser

Humorous and Quirky ‘Rags to Rags’ featured on Bromsgrove Advertiser

Cas Amato’sRags to Rags’ was subject of an article that appeared on Bromsgrove Advertiser recently. The article praised the author for his writing and storytelling style.

The author talked about why he wanted to write the book, saying, “I’m not a celebrity and I am not rich and famous, but it is just something I wanted to do”.

He comes from an Italian family and was born in England. Over the years, Cas has held many different jobs in the past including being a lead singer and guitarist in a rock and roll band. His current job title is Export Manager.

The autobiography details the extraordinary details of an ordinary life of a kid who was born and bred in England, but still had a strong flavor of Italian culture in his life.

He was always wondering if he is being stupid trying to write his autobiography, but that has never stopped him. He considers himself to be an ordinary guy with a story to tell, so he decides to tell it.

The story details all his triumphs and failures, the places he has visited, and the jobs he has had to do to make ends meet. According to himself, luck hasn’t been on his side for all his life.

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