'I Do... Don't I?' by Stephen P. Foulkes is Reviewed by Bridal Chic in the City

'I Do... Don't I?' by Stephen P. Foulkes is Reviewed by Bridal Chic in the City

I Do... Don't I?, Stephen P. Foulkes' incredible book of anecdotes detailing his life as a wedding registrar was reviewed by popular blogger Bridal Chic in the City.

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"Stephen brings you into his world almost immediately as you start to read the introduction."

"The anecdotes start straight from the introduction, the way it is written is actually quite similar to a blog and very relatable. Funny and engaging, the stories make you want to read on. We have the tale of couple getting married in a cave dressed as Harry Potter characters, to the story of Stephen being filmed for CBBC where the children organised their parents weddings! Stephen spent all his time trying to perfect his best TV voice only for it to be edited out…ooops"

"We all know in the wedding industry there are many tales to be told of the wild and the wonderful to the downright wacky wedding couples."

"I could see this book appealing to different types of readers;
The couples who want a light read educating themselves on the ins and outs of a wedding ceremony.
To those in the industry either looking to take on the  job of a registrar  or just like me,  someone who is in the industry and wants a bit of chuckle whist having a brew on a Sunday morning ….."

"We rate this book 9/10 only missing a point because I think it should be a little smaller in size and I wanted to read more stories but hey who knows there may be scope for a part 2!"