Interview with the Hilarious Stephen Ainley on the Globeflower

Interview with the Hilarious Stephen Ainley on the Globeflower

Stephen Ainley answered some interesting questions and goes into interesting details about his life in an interview with the Globeflower blog. He penned the humorous book ‘The Dennis Bisskit Adventures’, published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

The protagonist of the story is Dennis Bisskit, who is kind-hearted and is ready for any sort of adventures.

He hasn’t had the best luck, even though he was born on the day when Word War II ended.

Catch up with him when he tries to break the world mile record, his experiences with Mrs. Ricketts and her power, gets emotional while he visits the battlefields with his grandfather and finally, Sergeant Plunkett who tries to put sense into his head and make him a better person.

The short, ginger-haired, boy experiences many trials but eventually becomes a good young man. Experience the hilarious stories of how he grows up in this brilliant book.

Born in Birmingham UK, Stephen served as a member of the British Airborne in the 1970s.

He moved to Australia later on. He has spent a lot of time writing stories and articles, finally he has written a novel. He currently lies in Western Australia with his wife and dog.

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