The Irish Times features article on ‘A Game of Consequences’

The Irish Times features article on ‘A Game of Consequences’

The Irish Times features an article on Gerry Moloney’s book ‘A Game of Consequence’. The article states the consequences that led to the downfall of Irish banks. Moreover, the article says ‘A Game of Consequences clips along apace, and is injected with considerably wry humor – on the surface.’

The book gives us the insight of Irish Banking System and how power, greed, and corruption is a part of its structure. Miles ‘Tiger’ O’Toole, the banks new chief executive is passionate to make his mark in the banking system and all he cares about is the profit targets and Ethical standards are no more part of the organization which means that customers, staff, and shareholders are on their own now.

As tensions increases, Des Peters finds himself in the riddle of whether he should stay loyal to the customers or wave goodbye to his rewarding career.

The book narration is based on humor which addresses the most complicated issues of Irish banking in a very desirable style.

Gerry Moloney was born in Cobh, Co Cork. He was executive director of Allied Irish Investment Bank and Investment Director of Enterprise Ireland.

Currently, he is serving as an independent non-executive director of a number of investment funds in Dublin’s International Financial Services.

He has received his certificate in creative writing from the University of Ireland Maynooth. ‘A Game of Consequences’ is his first novel up to the date.

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