The Island Radio features ‘Saturday Night Heroes’ of John Costello

The Island Radio features ‘Saturday Night Heroes’ of John Costello

The Island Radio features a news article about ‘Saturday Night Heroes’ of John Costello. The book is a romance novel with much well-defined plots and intriguing story. 

The story of the book is about two youngsters who fall in love. Their desire for each other is huge but fate decides to test them on different levels. Both of them goes on the separate ways when Carol, enters into the relationship that offers better things in life.

Henry, on the other hand, has to prove himself and his position which will prevent him from losing her to an old rival of wealth and position.

Learn about the two lovers as their destiny takes them to the world of beauty contests and carnival queens of BBC Talent show. From Frank Sinatra live London concert to the fashion modeling and Pop World, fate takes them everywhere until it finally decides to conclude their story in the most unexpected way.

The Author, from the very young age, was engaged with Cricket. From Melbourne Cricket Club to Lord’s Cricket, he played several matches before he joined Royal Air Force as his National Service.

He also worked at numerous jobs as a cricket coach, groundsman and as an insurance salesman. It was at that time when he started his career in writing and also self- published some of his novels.

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