Issuu magazine features Jim Toomey’s ‘We were Tourists’

Issuu magazine features Jim Toomey’s ‘We were Tourists’

The ‘Issuu’ magazine featured Jim Toomey’s book, ‘We were Tourists’. The article features the historical background of the group, ‘The Tourists’ and how it came into being in the late seventies. The book discusses the journey of a successful drummer in the era of the late seventies that how he became a part of this group. It explains how they started their journey at London and found their voice and travelled around the world, the author illustrates the stories of the group from a drummer’s eyes.

In a series of narrations and tales, we get an insight into a band’s life. Their inner workings as a band, the fun and success and also the pressure of seemingly endless tours. It beholds the good and bad sides of the business and all the ups and downs of a band which sowed its seeds nearly forty years ago.

The author, Jim Toomey has spent near his entire life in touring and travelling around the world. He still plays occasional jazz and blues trio. He has also appeared as an extra in several movies and has recently turned towards writing.

Jim survived the hippie revolution in the 1960s and has seen many highs and lows in his life as a musician. He is considered as the founding member of the group, ‘The Tourists’ and he now lives in Australia with his family.

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