ISSUU posts article about ‘Running for His Lives’ by Cliff Comber

ISSUU posts article about ‘Running for His Lives’ by Cliff Comber

ISSUU publishes an article about Liff Comber’s ‘Running for his Lives’ in the June’s edition of the magazine.

The book is based on the story of a principal character ‘Dennis’ who has a tragic past. His father was killed in a live action and subsequently, her mother commits suicide. Left as an orphan Dennis has a very rough childhood which is full of bullying, humiliation, and assault.

However he follows his father’s footstep and joins the military and due to an unusual but fortunate assignment, he meets and marries Melaine. His life finally seems to settle down for a while and that is during years of happy marriage and a long distinguished military career he carries this inward belief regarding the myth of nine lives.

His desire for a peaceful life finally shatters when his wife is savagely assaulted and raped which triggers a series of fatal events that will change their lives forever.

Cliff Comber has lived and worked all of his life in Sussex. This is his first novel in his age of 67 years. He is married to Carla for the past forty-four years and had three children.

He was a police officer coincidentally who shares many traits with his main character who is a lifetime runner and also finds himself nominating titles of popular songs to certain situations and nicknames to certain characters.

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