J. Anthony Vassell Interviewed on Georgie Talks

J. Anthony Vassell Interviewed on Georgie Talks

Julian Vassell, the author of ‘The Curious Mr. Gahdzooks and His Cautionary Tales For Naughty Children’, was a guest on the online platform Georgie Talks.

He talked about his book and how it teaches children proper manners in an entertaining way. He also read some tales from his book for everyone listening.

The tales in the book are for children who misbehave and they do not do what is asked of them. It is not a scary story, Mr. Gahdzooks is kind and he is fair.

From kitchen manners to brushing teeth, the stories teach children about many different things and tells them that they will get rewards if they behave well.

Julian has always had an active imagination and he has loved writing for as long as he remembers. He has been telling these tales to his kid for a long time. This is his first novel and as soon as the book was published, he brought it to his son and showed him the illustration.

He looked at the illustration of Mr. Gahdzooks for the first time and made a face.

But Julian assured his son that there is no need to worry, children who are well behaved should not fret about Mr. Gahdzooks.

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